A random journal of thoughts and recent images.

Comparing Acros Profiles

I've been interested in black and white recently. I thought it would be interesting to compare film profiles as implemented by different apps. A video on DPReview compared Fuji Acros as implemented in an X-T3 with the actual Acros film. I selected Acros for my comparisons. You can see that video here. The executive summary: The in-camera Acros is not the same as the film version. Near the end of the video, however, it's pointed out that 'pushing' the film to ISO400 results in similar results. You can see my comparisons here.

The Presidio

My recent work has been limited due to time constraints. I live close to the Presidio. Doing a project limited to the Presidio seemed to be a possible subject. Of course, not every project turns out. That, in this case, is probably due to the photographer, not the subject. I have two recent galleries with captures of the Presidio. You can check them out. See Lobos Creek and the Presidio .

Super Resolution

Recently, Adobe introduced a new feature in Photoshop - Super Resolution. This is an addition to the Enhance Details feature from a couple of years ago. For fun, I tested the new Super Res against some other methods of achieving the same result. You can read about it here. here.

Luminar AI and Presets

The recent introduction of Luminar AI has resulted in several articles. Two, in particular, on PhotoPXL caught my eye. Both touch on the idea of using presets when developing your images. There are many presets to choose from. The image below shows the number available for Lightroom according to Google. For more about this, see here.

Aquatic Park

On a cloudy day that threatened rain, I spent an hour at San Francisco's Aquatic Park. I find that area to be interesting especially the Maritime National Historical Park. Unfortunately, the Park is closed because of the Covid19 restrictions so I just walked around the surrounding area. I was using my "street photography" setup - Fuji X-T1 with the XC35mm lens. (See here for some more example XC35 images.) I may become an advocate of prime lenses yet. You can see the other shots from the day here.

The Fishmonger

This sales person was trying to interest people in the fish market. His technique was to wave the live fish at folks as they walked by the shop. For a change, I asked if I could take his picture; he had no problem with that.

Sky Replacement

In the most recent version, Photoshop introduced “Sky Replacement.” Skylum’s Luminar 4 has Sky Replacement also. I thought it would ‘fun’ to compare the two. Since we’re Sheltering-In-Place, it seemed like a reasonable project to help pass the time. My test image is on the right. For the details of how it went, see here.

Rainy Day in Chinatown

Crossing umbrellas on a rainy day in San Francisco's Chinatown.

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